Birdie Chesson

Birdie Chesson

Creator. Artist. Author. Entrepreneur.

Personal Development Specialist, Speaker, Illustrator, Publisher, Lifestyle/Respire/Book Coach, Designer, Ghostwriter, Scriptwriter, Singer, Songwriter, Mother.

  • "I am the Bridge that takes you from where you are, to where you want to be."
  • Whether it is through her over 70 Books, Curriculum & Literary Materials...
  • Her Memberships, Courses and Services...

Self-Help is the Best Help and Self-Love is the Best Love, Birdie helps you find those answers you seek within yourself.

What We Are Known For


Our Books

Miss Birdie's Books

As an Author, Illustrator and Publisher of over 70 Books, Courses and Literary Materials.

  • That has always been the underlying messages in the books that Birdie writes. Starting out as a way for families to communicate, Birdie started writing her children's books in 1997. As she started teaching others how to write their own books, she saw that the adults needed socio-emotional support, so she geared a lot of her writing to self-help.
  • Because "The best help is Self-Help"; finding a way to sow seeds and help people be better versions of themselves has been Birdie's vision. She accomplishes this through her books, curriculum, courses and coaching platforms.

Book Coaching & Ghostwriting


Her 25+ Year Career as a Ghostwriter and Book Coach uses proven strategies and easy to follow steps.

  • Beginning as an Author, Illustrator & Publisher of Children's Books featuring real-life stories of children, Birdie realized that adults needed a voice too.
  • Navigating a difficult and exclusive industry, Birdie carved her own path and now uses her experience to help others share their voices. She has several self-guided courses as well as offering workshops and ghostwriting to future Authors.
  • Book Coaching is available through Workshops, Speaking Engagements and Courses.

Self Love & Self Help

Experienced Speaker

With over 20 years of experience, Birdie is a gifted speaker, personable and with loving intentions.

  • Her Well-Received demeanor makes it easy for you to follow, inspiring and motivates many to action. Whether you're looking for answers in your life, love or your business. Birdie can help you.
  • With her primary specialty of coaching being Personal Development and Book Writing, her favorite catchphrase in reference is, "I'm just a bridge that will help you go from where you are to wherever you want to go. Self-Help is the Best Help so let's do the work."

Words of Perspective

A Minute With Birdie

Sometimes a minute of perspective is all you need.

  • Birdie tells it like it is with her words of wisdom.
  • From life, love and philosophy, all subjects are covered in a short time but effective.

Have Birdie Come to YOU!

Speaking Engagements

Private Workshops

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Up to 50 people, Birdie will head your workshop! Subjects are: Book Writing, Shadow Work & Love & Relationships; and MORE!

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Private Speaking Engagements

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For Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, 1/2 Day, Full Day, 2 Days, Retreats, Hosting & Moderating

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