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  Creator. Artist. Author. Illustrator. Publisher. Speaker. Lifestyle/Respire/Book Coach. Designer.
Scriptwriter. Developer. Entrepreneur. Mixologist. Ghostwriter. Singer. Songwriter. Mother.

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  Need Support? We have help for almost EVERY phase of your life. Educating your children, Writing your own book
Moving on in your life and Meeting peers that can come with you & help make your life EVEN better.
All projects and services with Birdie are lead with love & truth.

Home+School=Life App

Join the first Black Owned developed Social Media Website & App, based around Homeschool community. Network with other families about education, even exchange curriculum!

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Write Your Book

Write your own book, on your own time, with Birdie's simple curriculum. With audio, video & live coaching successfully used for 20 yrs. She has a FREE Facebook Group to support your journey.

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Changing your life can be hard alone. But you have to make the first steps. Then you can meet your Sisters, where you'll never be alone. Let's GO together so we can GROW together.

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Whether it's time to focus on your inner worth and facing your 'shadow self'; Wanting to make better love decisions, Or get support during your Entrepreneurial Jouney, we have a course for you!

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